Heartcycle offers a number of exciting tours.  Tours that are curently scheduled or planned are listed below.  To observe the procedure for announcing new and planned tours. please click here. Following the below listing, please find complete information describing tours and tour policies.
Bloomington, IN
Jim Schroeder& Alan Scott
Intermediate to Advanced
7 days
9/30/2017 - 10/7/2017
Wait List - 0
Missoula, MT
John Penick& Bob Raicer
15 days
9/9/2017 - 9/24/2017
Wait list-3
Aspen, CO
Joanne Speirs& Doug Moll
Intermediate to Advanced
4 days
9/7/2017 - 9/11/2017
Colorado Springs, CO
Julie Lyons& Margie Adams
3 days
8/30/2017 - 9/2/2017
Portland, OR
Stephanie Oliver& Ken Condray
7 days
8/26/2017 - 9/2/2017
Wait list - 11
Frisco, CO
Sy Katz& Bob Rowe
7 days
7/15/2017 - 7/22/2017
Limoux, France
Phil Stoffel
Strong Intermediate - Expert
7 days
7/8/2017 - 7/15/2017
Limoux, France
Phil Stoffel
Strong Intermediate - Expert
7 days
7/1/2017 - 7/8/2017
Anchorage, AK
Rod Nibbe
Intermediate to advanced
7 days
6/25/2017 - 7/2/2017
Greenville, SC
John Aslanian& Bob Rowe
8 days
6/17/2017 - 6/25/2017
Wait list-0
Grand Junction, CO
Ken Kaplan& Rich Crocker
8 days
6/3/2017 - 6/11/2017
Wait List-2
Western France
Fred Yu& Graham Hollis
10 days
6/3/2017 - 6/13/2017
Wait List -5
Santa Rosa, CA
Janet Slate& Alan Scott
Advanced plus to Expert
9 days
5/19/2017 - 5/28/2017
San Francisco, CA
Bob McIntyre& Bill Buckley
7 days
4/21/2017 - 4/28/2017
Open for single male
San Diego, CA
Bottino/Condray& Sue Matthews
7 days
3/18/2017 - 3/25/2017
0 days
2/10/2017 - 2/10/2017

How To Register For A Tour

  1. You must be a HeartCycle member to participate in a tour.
    • Current Members: Go to the "Members" menu item to login and register
    • Past members: Go to the "Member" menu item and look for instructions to login
    • NonMembers: Go to "New Members" and complete the information to become a HeartCycle Member
  2. When you register, indicate your roommate preference (if you have one), or whether you would like a private room, if available, for a 50% surcharge (contact the tour leader for availability of a private room). Further, select your preference concerning what we should do if the tour is full (choose either “Place me on a wait list” or “Return my Fee”). Include the required tour deposit in your payment (or full payment if past the due date for the tour).
  3. Payment is required to be made via secure payment processing through PayPal.
  4. You must pay the tour deposit thru PayPal to be considered for registration. Your notification of payment from PayPal is your verification, and receipt, that you have completed the registration process for consideration in any lottery, and subsequent confirmation or wait listing.
  5. Please do not call to inquire if space is available on a tour. The status of the tour is shown on line on the registration page and is also shown in the table above. Spaces in unfilled tours cannot be reserved by phone or email, and we cannot guarantee that available spaces will be open by the time your registration is received.
  6. The Registrar will confirm your tour status by email after your payment is received. Click here to see the HeartCycle Priority of Confirmation to a Tour
  7. Your final payment to HeartCycle by the due date for payment of the balance must be paid on line via the web site and PayPal. Your balance due will be calculated for you when you login to your personal record.  (See each tour description for the balance due date.) Failure to pay the balance by the due date may result in losing your spce on the trip.
  8. Read the Ride Policies and Refunds and Cancellations Policy and consider the purchase of trip cancellation insurance.
  9. Contact the tour leader listed for your tour with any questions you might have as the tour date nears. The Tour Leader will also contact you approximately 2 months before the start of the tour.

What You Can Expect on a HeartCycle Tour

Each bicycle tour will be led by a knowledgeable and experienced leader, and usually is limited to 30 people, including support personnel. One or more support (SAG) vehicles will accompany each tour to carry luggage, water, snacks, first aid supplies, repair equipment, and to transport riders in emergency situations. The SAG will stop at designated locations to provide riders with water, snacks and lunch. Breakfast and supper are usually at the rider's expense. You must provide your own bicycle. For most tours any bicycle that is lightweight, with a wide gear ratio and clip-less pedals is acceptable.

Each cyclist must wear a helmet and carry water. Panniers are not necessary. However, we strongly recommend carrying spare clothing, rain jacket and pants, sun screen, pump, spare tube, tire irons, basic tools, snacks and other personal items. Keep in mind that temperatures can range from below freezing at higher elevations to above 100 degrees in desert regions. All tour participants are expected to train adequately to ensure their ability to complete the tour. Please come prepared to be a safe and self-reliant rider.

Motel rooms will be comfortable, with two persons per room. No smoking is permitted in any motel rooms. If you do not specify a desired roommate, you will be matched with a rider of the same sex. It may be possible to provide you with a private room at an additional cost of 50% of the tour price. If you request a private room, your leader will contact you about whether your request can be fulfilled. Unless otherwise stated in the tour description, tour costs include lodging the night before the first day of cycling, but do not include lodging the evening of the last day of riding. Dates listed for all tours begin with the day before the first day of riding. Typically, there will be an organizational meeting of all tour participants on the evening of this date.

Riders are expected to have a positive attitude, be congenial with other tour participants, be flexible when things don't turn out as expected and cooperate with the ride leader, sag drivers and other riders in the course of the ride. Riders who fail to conform to these expectations will be asked by the tour leader to leave the tour at their own expense. Such riders may not be able to register for future tours at the discretion of the HC board.

It is customary for HeartCycle members to have a collection near the end of the tour to show their appreciation to the leaders and SAGs for their efforts in planning and running a trip that allows HeartCycle to offer a wide variety of trips each year. This recognizes the simple fact without them, HeartCycle would cease to exist.

Selecting A Tour

The enjoyment you derive from your tour is largely dependent on choosing a tour that suits your ambitions and experience. Some factors to consider as you select a tour include your previous cycling experience, physical condition, the amount of time you will be able to devote to training, and what you want from the tour. We suggest that persons who have not previously ridden on a multi-day tour choose a shorter tour. HeartCycle encourages participation in the sport of bicycling at all levels. For the safety and enjoyment of all tour participants each cyclist must carefully consider the difficulty of the tour they select. Generally the distance per day, type of terrain (mountainous or flat), pavement (smooth, chip and seal, or crushed gravel) and climate govern the classification of HeartCycle tours. For each tour, we provide the name and contact information for the leader. Check with the appropriate tour leader if you have specific questions about a tour you are considering or your ability to participate.

Heartcycle Tour Ratings

Please see the tour description to determine the Tour Ratings

How Much Should You Train?

Adequate training is essential for enjoyment of your HeartCycle tour. Try to begin your training three to four months prior to the tour. Incorporate as much hill climbing into your schedule as possible to prepare for mountain climbs. Your training should also depend on the rating of your selected tour as well as its scheduled departure. For example, for an Intermediate to Advanced tour scheduled for July, you might begin in March with rides of 10-20 miles per day, two to three days per week. In April, increase mileage to over 50 miles per week while riding three to four days a week. In May and June, gradually increase your mileage to over 150 miles per week in four to five rides; including two rides of 50-70 miles each, with one involving extensive climbing. For tours earlier in the year, you need to stay in condition, possibly with spinning classes or XC skiing.

You need to train your body to meet the demands of bicycle touring in the mountains. We strongly urge residents of the Colorado Front Range to take advantage of the HeartCycle training program outlined in this brochure. If you cannot train with us, you can use this schedule as an indication of the amount of training to pursue.

If necessary, discuss your training schedule with the tour leader to see if your training will be adequate for the tour.

Cycling Safety

  • Use a rear-view mirror
  • Wear bright clothing.
  • Bring enough clothing. The weather can change rapidly, and descents at high altitude can be unbelievably cold.
  • Drink enough water; consider a back-pack hydration system
  • Eat enough snacks.
  • Never pass another cyclist on the right. When passing, call out "On your left!"
  • Cross railroad tracks or cattle guards at right angles.
  • If you are the first to spot traffic approaching from the rear, call out "Car back!"
    (Do not say this when passing another rider!)
  • Point out obstacles and hazards to following cyclists.
  • Ride double file only when no cars are present (never ride triple file).
  • Draft only if you are experienced and everyone in the pace line is, also.
  • Consider a handlebar-mounted map holder.


Online Registration

Heart Cycle Tour and Event Registration is available online

Now you can:

  • Renew and update your membership
  • You can log in and update your membership record including email address and phone number
  • Register for tours and events
  • Pay a balance for tours
  • Request cancellations

You can

  • Pay online using a secure PayPal transaction, either by credit card or via a PayPal account

New members can register for a new membership and then sign up for tours..