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Adequate training is essential for enjoyment of your HeartCycle tour. Try to begin your training three to four months prior to the tour. Incorporate as much hill climbing into your schedule as possible to prepare for mountain climbs. Your training should also depend on the rating of your selected tour as well as its scheduled departure. For example, for an Intermediate to Advanced tour scheduled for July, you might begin in March with rides of 10-20 miles per day, two to three days per week. In April, increase mileage to over 50 miles per week while riding three to four days a week. In May and June, gradually increase your mileage to over 150 miles per week in four to five rides; including two rides of 50-70 miles each, with one involving extensive climbing. For tours earlier in the year, you need to stay in condition, possibly with spinning classes or XC skiing.

You need to train your body to meet the demands of bicycle touring in the mountains.

If necessary, discuss your training schedule with the tour leader to see if your training will be adequate for the tour.

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