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Each bicycle tour will be led by a knowledgeable and experienced leader, and usually is limited to 30 people, including support personnel. One or more support (SAG) vehicles will accompany each tour to carry luggage, water, snacks, first aid supplies, repair equipment, and to transport riders in emergency situations. The SAG will stop at designated locations to provide riders with water, snacks and lunch. Breakfast and supper are usually at the rider's expense. You must provide your own bicycle. For most tours any bicycle that is lightweight, with a wide gear ratio and clip-less pedals is acceptable.

Each cyclist must wear a helmet and carry water. Panniers are not necessary. However, we strongly recommend carrying spare clothing, rain jacket and pants, sun screen, pump, spare tube, tire irons, basic tools, snacks and other personal items. Keep in mind that temperatures can range from below freezing at higher elevations to above 100 degrees in desert regions. All tour participants are expected to train adequately to ensure their ability to complete the tour. Please come prepared to be a safe and self-reliant rider.

Motel rooms will be comfortable, with two persons per room. No smoking is permitted in any motel rooms. If you do not specify a desired roommate, you will be matched with a rider of the same sex. It may be possible to provide you with a private room at an additional cost of 50% of the tour price. If you request a private room, your leader will contact you about whether your request can be fulfilled. Unless otherwise stated in the tour description, tour costs include lodging the night before the first day of cycling, but do not include lodging the evening of the last day of riding. Dates listed for all tours begin with the day before the first day of riding. Typically, there will be an organizational meeting of all tour participants on the evening of this date.

Riders are expected to have a positive attitude, be congenial with other tour participants, be flexible when things don't turn out as expected and cooperate with the ride leader, sag drivers and other riders in the course of the ride. Riders who fail to conform to these expectations will be asked by the tour leader to leave the tour at their own expense. Such riders may not be able to register for future tours at the discretion of the HeartCycle board.

It is customary for HeartCycle members to have a collection near the end of the tour to show their appreciation to the leaders and SAGs for their efforts in planning and running a trip that allows HeartCycle to offer a wide variety of trips each year. This recognizes the simple fact without them, HeartCycle would cease to exist.

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